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Has your WordPress site been hacked?

Let’s face it, there are immoral folks in the world who’ll do anything for a buck…including hack your site. These people can install malware to do all kinds of nasty things — from changing content to totally shutting down the site. A very frequent hack, called spoofing, […]

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Creating line breaks in WordPress

Have you ever tried to put one or more line breaks between lines of text by hitting the return key, only to find that WordPress strips it out no matter how many times you reset it? The reason this happens is because that extra space is considered, […]

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Unclickable Menu Items

If you’re utilizing a dropdown menu on your site sometimes you may want the top level item to be unclickable while still displaying a drop down menu on moused over.

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Automate Comment Moderation

Getting a lot of Spam? Do you have the option to only allow registered users to post comments on your blog or have comments turned off all together and are still getting spam comments? Well, you’re not alone. The options to turn off, or moderate, comments on […]

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Discover a Site’s Theme

Have you ever wondered what theme a site is using? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell just by looking, especially if customizations have been made. If you’re not sure that a site is built with WordPress, the easiest way to tell is to install an add-on […]

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