FaceBook Introduces “Gifts”

Have you ever received a notification from FaceBook of a friend’s birthday and wanted to send them a gift right away?

Well, with FaceBook’s new feature, Gifts, you’ll soon be able to do just that!

The recipient receives a notification of their gift and is given the opportunity to preview the gift, specify a shipping address and choose a different size, color or style, or swap it for another similarly priced gift before it ships. The price of the gift is kept secret, ofcourse.

What a great way for FaceBook to unobtrusively monetize while providing a huge opportunity for small businesses.

This feature is currently only available for a small group of FaceBook users and will become available for everyone else over the next few months. You’ll know when it’s available for you when you see the gift icon in your Birthday Notifications and Status Updates area.


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