Adding a favicon to a WordPress Site

A Favicon is an image associated with your site and is most commonly seen in a browser’s address bar.

However, there are several other places it shows up:

  • next to a page’s name in a list of bookmarks
  • next to a page’s title on browser tabs
  • as desktop shortcuts
  • mobile icons
  • in WordPress admin pages.

The typical way to add a favicon to your site is to upload it to both the theme directory and the root of your website.

Assuming you know where these are, to get access you also need an FTP client such as Transmit or FileZilla and a way to make a .ico file. There are several free online services, such as

Besides being overly complicated, the main down side to this method is it doesn’t cover all the places that you need to have a favicon displayed.

The Solution to adding a Favicon to your WordPress site

This is where the All In One Favicon plugin comes in. It allows you to add a favicon to all the places you need one, easily from one place within your WordPress dashboard. Simply upload your favicon using the All In On Favicon Settings dialogue box and your good to go.


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