Adding RSS Feed to a WordPress Site

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, or Real Simple Syndication, which allows content to be published once and viewed on many different programs.

Once subscribed, your updates will automatically be pushed to your visitors ensuring they stay current with your content. For a more detailed explanation read the wiki: RSS

Adding this feature to your WordPress website is easy and will only take a few minutes. For an example of how RSS works, click on my link below.

Subscribe with RSS

Step 1: Find your Feed URL

The simplest way to find your feed URL is to add /feed to the end of your website’s URL, like this:

This will push all of your posts to your subscribers and is the best way to ensure all of your content is included.

Note: In order for this to work you must be using Permalinks

Their are also feeds for categories, comments, single posts, and customized Feed URLs. For more information on these read this article: WordPress Feeds

Step 2: Add the link to your site

Deciding where to display the link is important. It should be somewhere highly visible, for example, in a sidebar or footer widget. Below is a sample HTML link code you can use on your site. Simply replace “yoursite” with your domain name, and “Link Text” with what you want the link to say. Then, copy and paste it into the widget you chose.

<a href="">Link Text</a>

That’s it!

For additional help read: Adding HTML to a Sidebar Text Widget


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